• Manufacturing Defect
  • Installation Issues
  • Boarding time of Electrical Contractor
  • Reason ( Wiring, Aesthitic Four modular switches, For the depth of module that needs to be done with civil work)
  • Wifi Protocols are used in online platform automation products. Suitable only for 1500 sq feet property
  • More than 1500 sq feet – 12500 sq feet (Zig Bee & Zee wave is used)
  • More than 12500 sq feet – KNX is used
  • Avoid – Power Fluctuation
  • By having UPS & Stablizers
  • Main Gate Automation
  • In case of several rooms, light controls is not possible to montor, Automation plays a major role Light control sysytem as well as in Security Systems
  • Water tank problem, where the water will overflow or empty tank.

Recommendation – Water Tank Automation

  • A/C Automation – (Reason: Temperature can be set based on the number of persons in the room)
  • Main reason for higher electricity is HVAC & Lightening – Automation in that will set the brightness dimming according to the level of sunlight present in the room)
  • By this you can save 25 – 30 %.
  • When it comes to Industrial or commercial it is down to lakhs, Think of it.
  • Do not do the mistake by buying Smart home appliance as well as hire Automation engineers. It will make you lose your Money.
  • And also it will make you install multiple Applications
  • But Nakshtra Automations can provide you “ ONE ECO SYSTEM, ONE APP, MULTIPLE CONTROLS”
  • Yes it is possible, if it does not comes under budget in wireless Automations.
  • In the construction stage itself, the provisions for every room will be provied- If your automating only for any 2 of your rooms at present, you can scale it in future.
  • The scalability is not possible in wired networks
  • At present the electricity Bill charges have been increased.
  • To reduce the electricity bill, home automation is necessary
  • Scheduled automation and human presence sensor will make it Possible

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